I have internet now! Back in college. I need to get more regular on this.
Currently in the process of searching for an apartment. I came to work early today so I can get off by six for checking out a place.
A new kind of journey this is, finding an agreeable place. A week of college has passed. Third year Bachelors now.
Now since my savings are finally going on the place, I’m also devising ways to earn more. I’ll work harder here at the gallery, and I might take up another job in a month as well.
So much is on my mind, so little to say. Just posting as the journey continues.

Posting from my office. I work as an assistant at ‘Red Earth Art Gallery’ for three hours a day. I’m updating the gallery’s collection’s documentation format right now. So today’s featured photograph is a work of Amit Ambalal’s. Hope you enjoy. ^^



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