Managing a Part-time Job and College – My Experience.

Since the end of Februrary, I’ve been working part-time at an art gallery called Red Earth in Baroda. The experience has been good so far and it’s a great place, plus the pay is decent. Three hours a day at Rs. 5000/- a month. I initially decided to take up a job so I could move out of the university hostel this year – that place is a dump. My rent is Rs 4000/- a month now. That’s the background story.

I study Painting in a Fine Arts college, and I work a three hour shift, an hour of travelling – it’s basically become quite a hassle to manage class work and my part time job. I’m a little sad to say that after six months of the experience, I fell like quitting. The hours I put in here, 4 – 8 pm, used to be the time I’d stay back in college and work on my assignments. Fine Arts isn’t really a course that allows you much free time, for there’s a very thin line between work and play. Even during the times you’re just sitting around, you’re constantly in a process – thinking, observing, and you’re free to work on your ideas at any moment it demands. So more than a distraction of material time, it’s a distraction to my process too. It’s difficult to get into work when I know I have to head for my job, and equally difficult to immerse myself in work when I have sleep to calculate after the part-time hours. It’s honestly not working out for me. I keep trying to trick myself into believing that it is, but really… no.

That’s how it’s been for me. I’m tyring to find out ways that’ll work better. Freelance content writing, which can be done from home, seems far more manageable because I can do my own hours. Also, comission work, which may be hard to snuff out at first but I’m getting help with that. I’m getting help from my godfather with that.
One more thing, I had a talk with my family in the summer about this: I found it a little embarassing that they had gotten me the opportunity to sell a painting to a clinic owner because he was their friend. I saw it as a “favour to the daughter of my friend”. But no, my parents talked me out of looking at it that way. Everyone apparently starts off with a little bit of help. And I shouldn’t “expect my name to just pop up in the art world out of nowhere”. It’s okay to use contacts for a while, because the wanting of your product is genuine anyway.

So that’s all for now. I must admit though I feel kind of guilty considering quitting because.. my boss is really sweet and it has been a good experience overall, but I’m here to study, and if it’s not letting me study, that’s that.


My featured image is my cycle route from home to work. It made me feel kind of cool, 12 km a day. But if I’m quitting work, I’m definitely starting morning cycling. My friend just mentioned at dinner last night: “I’ve never seen a girl with such a big appetite.” I said that was really flattering because I used to have a really shitty appetite, before cycling. Really improved my lifestyle. Doctor Sumi suggests a little work out for everybody.


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